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Dollars for Scholars Scholarships
United Way Dollars for Scholars Scholarships are awarded each year to help recognize academic achievement among a larger number of graduating students in Jennings County who have made the choice to pursue higher education.

Who's eligible?
Current year graduates with a 3.0 or higher GPA who are residents of Jennings County and have been accepted at a college or other educational institution.

Three easy steps:

1. Download the Information flyer for eligibility, criteria and procedure.
2. If you qualify, apply online: Scholarship Application.
3. (Recipients only) If you are awarded a Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, claim your scholarship by completing the Claim Form.


2023 Dollar for Scholars Scholarship Recipients In 2023, 9- $310 Scholarships were awarded to the following nine graduates.
Susan Davis, Breanne Galyen, Mackenzie Heuer, Jonathan Hendren, Stella Millspaugh, Taylor Mowery, Megan Mull, Justin Ramey, Matthew Ritchie.

2022 Dollar for Scholars Scholarship Recipients In 2022, 6- $500 Scholarships were awarded the following six graduates. Madison Ashcraft, Morgan Carmer, Zoey Ison, Layne Suhre, Abigail Vogel and Kayla Watts.

2021 Dollar for Scholars Scholarship RecipientsIn 2021, 4- $600 Scholarships were awarded to Kyla Fanklin, Hailey Harmon, Aubrey Stellato, and Shelby WIlson.



2020 Scholarship Awards video:


In 2020, 15- $225 Scholarships were awarded.








Quick Links

Three easy steps

1. Information flyer
eligibility, criteria and procedure.

2. If you qualify, complete the Scholarship Application

3. (Recipients only):
Claim Form
*Proof of enrollment in classes can be a class schedule with your name on it, or another document that states your name, and that you have enrolled in classes.


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